Why is mobile optimization important to a business?

Simply offering great service and products that work has become a lot less than is demanded of businesses these days. It might seem like it’s a bit unfair that your products or services might not be getting the recognition they deserve, but before you throw up your hands in despair thinking that new issues like poor SEO can break your business, stop to consider something you can really do to improve both your visibility and your service.



What is mobile optimization?

Mobile optimization is the process of creating specific website version that is appropriate for mobile devices offering, for instance, friendlier menus on your phone or tablet. It is different from just having a mobile-friendly website that will display correctly on mobile devices but yet will not have a different, specific, improved version for them.

What features does it have?

It has features such as buttons that will be a bit larger than those on the regular version. It also reduces the amount of typing the user has to do and usually offers a link to the site’s full version. It is also usually lighter than the full version.

Why not just create an app?


It is usually of help to have both a mobile app and a mobile-optimized website, but an app alone might not be enough. First, users will have to download the app, and constraints such as available memory or a slow phone may cause them to be less willing to do so. In addition, you would need to make your app available in Apple store and Google Play at least, which will mean additional costs, so if you have to opt for an app and a mobile optimized site, you will need to consider the costs involved in app development.

Why is mobile optimization important?

Basically, because your customers are expecting it from you. More and more people are relying on mobile devices for everyday tasks such as purchasing, paying and operating bank accounts. Your website users will get tired of scrolling up and down and left to right, and perhaps you can easily fix that without optimizing your site. But what about unnecessary zooming every two seconds to be able to reach a button with your finger? Just making sure that your website is mobile friendly may not be enough.

Users being uncomfortable with your site may mean they will leave it faster and perhaps that they will miss out on some information that is relevant to them. Moreover, mobile-optimized sites give you the opportunity to exploit resources such as QR codes and mobile advertising.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of optimizing your website for mobile devices. Your ranking on mobile searches may be affected if your site is not mobile optimized or at least mobile friendly. As from 2015, Google has included mobile-friendliness analysis to its algorithms. True, you may just keep your site user-friendly without actually going through the task of having it optimized, but why not go the whole way?

What is the difference between mobile optimization and responsive design?

A responsive design is basically a site that adjusts main features such as size to different devices. This spares the user from unnecessary scrolling and it spares your company from the task of creating several versions for different devices.

Is having a responsive design enough?

While developing a responsive design is probably necessary, it might fall short of the mark when it comes to truly
enhancing user experience. This is because you are not truly addressing the needs of mobile device users. Users will expect more than just a site that fits well on the screen. It is likely that a mobile device users do not have the
time or the attention span necessary to go through complicated online forms and processes. This means that high-performance mobile website design goes well beyond simply adjusting the size. In short, if the process is too complicated, they will postpone the task—and may never complete it.

So don’t settle for mobile-friendliness or just a responsive design. Go all the way to create a mobile-optimized site that will help you offer great products or services—and get your traffic metrics to reflect what you offer.

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