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Auto body repair shops offer a wide range of services to revive cars’ structural integrity from the impacts of damage and improve performance. However, some of those services can be confusing, especially if you do not know much about car repair. Concierge service is among the popular auto repair services that many people don’t know. The following description can help you to understand the meaning of concierge service from auto body repair shops. 

What is Concierge Service in Auto Body Repair?

As the title suggests, concierge service means something extra or fancier than many businesses’ regular services. In auto body repair shops, concierge service means the mechanics and technicians will go beyond their ordinary limits to ensure your car gets the best treatment for the ultimate customer satisfaction. 

Specific Concierge Services from Auto Body Repair Shops 

The specific tasks or components of the concierge service for auto body repair usually vary from one shop to another. However, there are standard services that you will always get from most auto body repair shops offering concierge service. 

Emergency Towing 

Emergency towing is the essential part of the concierge service, which many shops provide. Many people will call a tow truck whenever they are involved in an accident, and their cars can no longer operate. However, you can avoid the hassles and save time by contacting a reputable auto body repair shop offering concierge service. Most shops will offer free emergency towing if you allow them to repair the car.  

Pick-ups and Drop-offs 

Serious accidents may significantly damage your car, forcing you to find an alternative vehicle to use until its repair is complete. An auto body repair shop that offers concierge service can offer to pick and drop you off as you await the repairs, ensuring greater convenience. Some may also give you a car rental to use for the period at reduced rates.  

Car Cleaning and Detailing 

The auto body shop will also perform a thorough cleaning, vacuuming, and detailing after fixing your car, saving time and money. 

Accidents occur when least expected and, such moments can be genuinely devastating. Concierge service from auto body repair shops ensures the whole experience after an accident is smooth and stress-free.