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Accordingly to Gabe, who runs Auto Masters Collision Center, a (san antonio body shop) out in Southwest Texas, he recently shared his thoughts that driving can be daunting especially in cities with heavy congestion and traffic. Keeping your vehicle and yourself safe should always be your priority when driving. Generally, you can’t prevent all auto accident. However, it’s possible to prevent some accidents that may necessitate auto body repair. Here are tips to help you prevent auto accidents. 

Avoid Driving on the Fast Lane 

Using the right or center lane when driving on a multi-lane road gives you more routes to escape through if there is a situation that requires immediate action. Remember that most accidents in highways happen in left lanes. If you don’t want to get closer to the highway police cars, drive in the middle lane. 

Scan the Traffic Ahead of You

Don’t just concentrate on the car that you are following. Instead, scan the traffic ahead of you. This enables you to see several steps ahead and have enough reaction time when necessary. It’s also important to maintain adequate space between you and the car ahead. This decreases the chances of getting rear-end collision. 

Know the Blind Spots 

Make sure that you have the best view by adjusting the rearview mirror and side mirrors. Nevertheless, don’t depend on these elements alone. Instead, always turn and look before you switch lanes because blind spots can be disastrous. Additionally, think about other drivers’ blind spots like truckers. This enables you to give them way when necessary and avoid positioning yourself near large trucks for longer duration. 

Know the Limits of Your Car 

Know how your car reacts when in certain situations. For instance, if your car leans more in round corners, avoid wrenching wheels at very high speeds. Additionally, know the limits of the tires and brakes of your car. Also know the duration taken by your car to stop when you apply maximum pressure as well as the tires grip. 

Additionally, perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. This ensures that your car starts, stops, steers, and accelerates properly in different situations.