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Bumper damage is among the most common car problems that many people deal with from time to time. Collisions often cause defects, which could be minor or significant. Nevertheless, bumpers are integral to absorbing impacts during a crash and, even minor dents on them could present serious safety concerns. Besides, damaged bumpers reflect negatively on the car’s condition, which could significantly lower its resale value. That’s why experts advise vehicle owners to leave bumper dent repairs to specialists. 

There are various approaches to removing car bumper dents but, not all guarantee the best results that will revive your car’s structural integrity after a collision. The following are the best strategies that car experts apply when fixing bumper dents.  

Car Bumper Inspection 

Although you can easily spot major bumper dents, minor defects usually require a more comprehensive inspection to identify. Regardless of the impact level or size, fix all kinds of bumper dents as soon as they occur to maintain the car’s structure. Experts will not simply rush into removing the visible bumper dents. Instead, they will first conduct a proper inspection on the bumper to identify all the marks and impact. That allows them to determine and administer the most effective corrective measures tailored to the car. 

Bumper Dents Removal 

Auto experts conduct car bumper repair works, depending on the type of material, types of dents, and the car owner’s needs. Nevertheless, there are two standard techniques, popular with most auto repair experts. 

Paintless Dent Removal 

The Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) technique is the best option for fixing bumper dents if the impacts have not caused any damage to the paintwork. It mainly involves reshaping the panel to its original looks using specialized equipment. PDR is usually cheaper and faster than traditional dent repairs and can remove minor and significant bumper dents. 

Professional Filler and Repaint 

Experts often use professional filler and repainting to remove bumper dents if the damage involves paintwork scratches or scuff. Most technicians will first apply the Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) technique to remove bumper scuffs. Then, they will use professional fillers to seal the dents before repainting the bumper to a smooth finish. 

Whatever the bumper damage to your car, an auto repair expert can always guarantee the best corrective measures to revive its structural integrity.