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Car detailing entails thorough and meticulous cleaning and polishing of both the interior and exterior. A typical auto body shop or cleaner can do this job. However, car detailing is not the same as car washing. That’s because automated machines are used to wash a car. However, experienced professionals perform car detailing by hand. Physical body or paintwork repairs are not included in car detailing. However, proper detailing eliminates scratches from the body of a car. Here are some of the major reasons to have a car detailed annually. 

Higher Resale Value 

Proper detailing can help in retaining the resale value of a car. A car with a bad paint coat and scratches won’t attract more buyers or even sell at a higher price. Since car detailing removes some of the scratches from the body surface, it helps in retaining the resale value of a vehicle. The resale value of vehicles with neat appearances and mint condition is always higher. 

Smoother Engine 

Most people are defined by the car they drive and how they maintain it. Car detailing ensures that the engine runs faster, cooler, and smoothly. That’s because engine detailing removes the dirt, debris, and dust that could be stuck in the engine. Engine detailing entails the removal of this dirt, debris, and dirt which can lead to heating up. When removed, the engine runs faster, cooler, and smoothly. 


Most people get personal satisfaction after having their vehicles detailed professionally. Having your car detailed is a good way to take care of it. This comes with the satisfaction that gives you confidence. You also feel more comfortable when driving your car. Proper detailing will enable your vehicle to retain its standard. 

When car detailing is done properly every year, it can help with cost reduction. That’s because the engine will always run smoothly. Your visits to the auto repair shop will also reduce because your vehicle won’t need repairs more often. What’s more, your vehicle will last longer and look amazing.